Collateral Hamage

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

Its awesome but the stuffing comeing out of the bottom is a bit wierd…

Awesome! I might be in for one not sure yet… bought too many shirts recently…

way to kick their ass and make em print you travis


i really wish with some of these shirts that they’d sell them with enough time to get them prior to whatever is about to happen. Sell Christmas shirts ON Christmas to get it for New Years? Man…

this is a cute one too. Wish I got it here in time for the holiday though :frowning:

smartpost it if you want it by Thanksgiving!

Looks like the turkey’s taking a big soft crap…

The Casserole eating the pea is awesome

better overnight it if you want it by Thanksgiving. i always miss wearing my holiday themed shirt on the actual holiday by chancing it.

Just when I was certain Woot had moved beyond anthropomorphic food shirts… and I was really geared up for more editors choices as well… ah well, you can’t say the woot staff nor tgentry don’t know their audience…

(… that’s a lot of ellipses …)

Hahah. I did force their hand with blackmail material, but the Thanksgiving Battle Royale idea was courtesy of woot themselves.

Congrats tgentry! I was thinking a little bit about buying this overnight for the T-giving. (I have two to go to; you know, divorced family) and it would be a hit. Now I’m seriously thinking about it now that I know who did it. Good job, man.

Grats on the daily, Travis!!! WTG

Heh. He totally blew his wad. Congrats on the print, tgentry! A little busy for my tastes, but I really dig the explosive turkey.

Ok that jello thing looks like meatwad and that turkey looks like its pooping

He’s actually getting the stuffing knocked out of him, having his socks knocked off, and getting totally basted all at once. Ham is mean.

I’m not fond of the cute anthropomorphic food shirts as a general rule, and most traditional thanksgiving dishes turn my stomach. This one’s a definite miss for me.

I also find the turkey emissions somewhat disturbing. Interesting design, but I was really hoping for more Editor’s Choices. Guess what we had last week was it :frowning:

Not in for one tonight, I’m afraid, which is too bad–the shirt I wanted most as an EC was a gentry design.

Then how did you know it was Jello? Just curious.