Colleague problem - Locked account

Hi there, guys! I’m speaking on behalf of a colleague friend who cannot access his Woot account. Last Sunday he was going to enter in his Woot account, as usually he does, and he received a message saying his account was locked because unusual activity was detected (see attached picture). Here’s what he wants to tell you:


I wrote to Woot Customer Service and they told me it was an Amazon Issue, and I had to contact with Amazon. I contacted with Amazon and they told me it was a Woot problem and Woot will contact me in two days. I never received that answer.

I wrote to artist support too, but never received answer.

I hope someone here could help and fix it, because I’m an Woot artist, and with this situation I can’t submit designs, participate in derbys or use my artist coupons (expiring in a few days).

The account details are:
[MOD: personal info removed]

That’s it, guys. Can you provide him some help or update about his actual situation? Thank you in advance!

@ThunderThighs @lioncow

There’s a naked address. It’s scary. Thanks!


Hi there. We’re asking Amazon if they will unlock the account. This can take some days and they can choose to not reopen it. We’re working on it though.

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Thank you very much for the fast response! I will tell him!

Have a nice weekend!

Hi there. All should be good now.

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Thank you very much ThunderThighs!!
May I ask why did it happen? I never did nothing unusual with my account.
One more question, I made one order with one of my artist coupons and the order was never received and it appears as denied.
What can I do? I hope I´m manteining my two artist coupons.
Thank you again!

Amazon has automated procedures when they see unusual activity on an account. It was a denied order, I think.

Reach out to about the coupons.

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