Collectible Sports Plaques: Under $5

Peterson… hahahahaha!!! Such bad timing.

(1) Jimmie Johnson 9" x 11" Canvas

What does this mean? Is it an unmounted canvas print or is it mounted to a frame? Lots of work describing who is in each “plaque” and no effort put into describing the actual product. By the way, since when are plaques on canvas?

I spent 4 minutes in total trying to figure out what this was, why would I want any of it and finally typed this message to say I moved on.

I want $4 coupon code for my time woot.

How come the Danny Worth Plaque has Jeter name on it?

Kinda tempted by the Tom Brady one for my better half. Surprised though there’s no Richard Sherman or Russell Wilson yet.

what is this made out of?.. I suspect it’s card stock…

Type of material in the description would be really helpful.


suspicion must be correct (unless it’s even less - maybe paper?)…

I’ll pass…

Which item are you asking about?