College Football Stadium UltraMurals

Anyone with a good eye know what Ohio State game the storming the field is from?

I believe it was OSU vs Wisconsin in 2011 when Braxton Miller hit the deep pass with 20 seconds left to win.

Come on man, let’s get some new photos. I can’t buy a WVU mural with Big East plastered all over it. The Clemson photo might be even more egregious with that dude’s big noggin in the way.

Oops. I goofed on my order and need to correct it. Anyone know how this is done?

Wish they had Texas Tech. I always try to buy up any TTU merch Woot carries…but so does everyone else. I guess this is what we get for being the red-raidered stepchild of Texas.

Wrong USC! They should really specify that the USC is U Southern California, not U South Carolina.

I want the LSU one, but they need to update the picture. Since that one was taken there has been an entirely new upper level deck added to the stadium.

Maybe your program should win at least a SEC championship game before even beginning to declare who the “real” USC is.

Shouldn’t be long until those Auburn murals get moved to clearance.

The really sad part is, that is a gameday crowd for Miami.

No University of Washington? It’s one of, if not the most picturesque stadium in the country.