College of Apathy

First sucker: soozne?

Personally, my response is ‘snooze’.

The perfect place for higher education if you didn’t make it to Procrastination University.

I use the word meh on a daily basis… and I have a degree. The fact is that the person wearing the shirt might have one… the person reading the shirt may not. Glad I could provide some elementary insight into this shirt.

“Got something of value to say about today’s Woot? Somebody, anybody, give us a quality post. We’re dying here.”

Shouldn’t it have been “Got something of value to say about today’s Woot? … or not… we don’t care. Just post something.” Seems like that would have worked better.

The binge is my favorite woot shirt and one of my first.

I couldn’t afford to go to this school, so I went to the Community College of Indifference.


For someone that’s been a part of the woot family longer than me, you sure don’t say a whole lot. MEHehe…

I like the overall design and most of the text, but “college of apathy” just doesn’t work, it feels…lazy.

I love the non-Latin motto, which refers to a line often attributed to Epicurus (“Non fui, fui, non sum, non curo”), except it’s neither Latin (a bastardization of very early Italian) nor written by Epicurus. It is fitting that the College of Apathy uses a pseudepigraphic quote in a made-up language as its motto.

I wonder if the college would care if you said “meh” when it came time to pay the tuition.

I’m on the fence with this one. Coin toss it is…

Sounds like my college…

“Get a degree, don’t get a degree, we don’t care… just pay up”

If you cura for more info on curo, let me save you some digging:

google translation from Latin
(A list of meanings/different contexts can be found below the translation on the right. Although [as pointed out above] it’s technically not Latin, I still found the list interesting.)

And for a more enlightening read:
Non fui, fui, non sum, non curo — Epicurus
(C’mon, who isn’t curious about what a trilemma is?)

But really, who cares?

reminds me of an older woot! shirt.

Sucks this shirt is so reactionary. If it had said “College of life” it would been been better. We train our kids to think that college is so important when it’s not. It’s a great training ground for mediocrity to find a job.

Ah! It’s a fishbiscuit! No wonder I like it :smiley: Speaking of Procrastination University I went to the the doctor wearing that shirt, and he cracked up and took a pic of it.

HA HA HA, this describes my time at collage to a tee!

I almost was too lazy to make that joke… =D

Ha! At that point the only thing they’d be apathetic about is my broken knees.

Congrats fishbiscuit5!