College Senior Project Survey

We’re doing a marketing project on Rite Aid for one of my classes. We need as many responses as we can get so please take this survey! It’s short and will only take a minute or two. Thank you so much!

I took it and sent it on to coworkers. Good luck with the survey…




I was going to do this. But we don’t have Rite Aid stores. I’ve never been in one - so I can’t really answer the questions fairly.

I’ve bought Rite Aid brand stuff from - but I didn’t even know there were actual Rite Aid stores…

This is interesting. I knew Rite Aid stores stores weren’t completely wide-spread, but I thought it was fairly common knowledge that they existed. This definitely says something about brand awareness. We’ll have to look into the issue more. Thank you for commenting on that!

Just bringing this up to the top. They need more surveys to complete their project.

Oh yeah, I may know this guy…He’s one of the good ones… So if ya can, do this. To those of you who have, thanks bunches…

Same here, no Rite Aids in our area. It seems like there was years ago, but it’s been a long time.

I did the survey and was just happy it was a place we have here in “no-shopping land”. Although our Rite Aid is part of the mall, so no drive thru though.