Collegiate Party Bars


No Wisconsin? These must have been sold out before they hit Woot.

I’ve had one for two seasons and I always get compliments. Currently have a USC skin, 49ers skin, 4th of July and white skin.

It’s easy to put up and take down. The only complaint I may have is the bag does not stand vertically very well when packed. Also some of the skins can have a weird smell at first and needs to be aired out.

The main website is at the time I used BARONE for a 10% discount. The deal here is a lot better but if you’re looking for other things I hope the code works.

Same price in 2012 from woot. Big dust up at that time as there was a 50% off code that made it cheaper direct.

BTW - the Code INSTANT does work for 10% off

Ohio sold out…bummer :frowning: