Colonial 6 Piece Towel Set-5 Styles

A few comments from a Woot Plus Sale

Check out these comments from February.

I got these in a prior sale. I recently started using them (they were folded in the guest bathroom until now) They’re huge, ultra soft and absorbent. Unfortunately the big, beautiful one has a large run going across the design. I’m still trying to figure out if it came that way or if somehow it was hooked on the shelf. I’m not counting on these lasting long.

They have a 90 Day Woot Warranty. If it’s in that window, email and they’ll give you some options.

They are soft and thick. I like that about them. And they are big too. The only thing is after washing and drying several times, they are still fuzzy and covered in fuzz balls. I even threw in a cheaply made(not soft at all) washcloth to help catch the lint and it still is super fuzzy. The washcloth pick up a lot too! I’m to the point where I might straight up vacuum them like a rug!

Also, while I’m not sure if this was my fault or not, but after washing it looks like my solid colored (purple) towels look like they are discolored in large areas. The areas are a pinkish color. I am usually careful about not pouring soap directly onto fabrics. (I actually add the detergent in once it starts agitating to mix it up, and then ADD my stuff.) Kinda disappointing because now they look like old towels.

I love the Plum Stripe towels I got last time around. Unfortunately, so does my cat. She keeps trying to climb them like drapes and I keep finding them puddled on the bathroom floor with new snags on them. Sigh…