Colonial Mills Pet Mats and Storage

Somebody had fun with Photoshop!

Love pet stuff!

You’re not kidding! Or maybe those are children’s playhouse appliances behind the 14" diameter basket.

I got to feel up these rugs and baskets. They’re really nice. They’ve got a good sturdy feel to them yet are not bristly or stabby.

These baskets are for storing cats, yes?

Only if you put something in the basket on which you DON’T want them to lay.


These will fit dogs no bigger than 30lbs… The “large” is 22" by 34"… so 2ft by 3ft…

The “large” basket is 14" by 14" by 7" high… The small 10x10… These are pointlessly small, unless you have a chihuahua.

Uhm, I think might be better for storing dog toys rather than the dogs themselves.

I’m confused as to why you’re confused of the point to my post, staff member…

No *#&@ the baskets are for toys… but simple 3rd grade measuring (hence my including the dimensions) will tell you a 7 inch high basket is pointless for just about any dog toys. 7 inches high. Next time research before the snide reply!

I’m confused by your confusion of the staff members confusion. I think a foot is pretty good for storing balls, bones, doggie clothes, etc. It’s not the height that matters :wink: