Colonial Towels




Are these for sale anywhere else? Looking for any price comparison or reviews but can’t find. Thanks!


Egyptian cotton is the “king of cottons.” It’s grown in Egypt’s warm climate and prized for its extra-long, fibrous threads. This density produces a highly absorbent cotton that is strong yet breathable.


Anybody around that got these last time? I love to hear what you think. I really want the dog paw set.


I bought the teal/grey set last time and really like them. Very soft and large towels! Will probably pick up another set.


Normally these Egyptian cotton towels are priced by the weight of the cotton (gram) to tell the quality. Didn’t see the spec here.
Nice color though.


I bought 2 sets of these towels in the purple and gave them as a Christmas gift. The first time they were washed, the solids had faded spots in them and the prints were pulled all over! Not impressed!


I was going to ask if these would protect me from the Cylon invasion, but you’ve answered my question. Pass.


I have not had any issues washing mine. Good size and soft. I’m in for another set, but I can decide whether to go for another green set or try the blue. They are also now $4.99 cheaper than the previous offering and you get two full sets of towels.