Color Attack

I see more than 6 colors here. Or am I seeing things?

(The colors are gorgeous!)

Likely halftone magic.

I believe Shirtstorm designs are digitally printed and do not require screens. Maybe they have lightened up on the spot color restrictions for non-derby and non-daily prints.

Don’t be fooled. Just about everything is basically DTG now, except for specialty inks like GiTD and metallic. Woot’s been pretty clear that they still prefer artist stick to the 6-color limit rule.

If this shirt is half tone magic, it’s the most magical shirt that I’ve ever seen on Woot! I’d love for the artist to ring in with an explanation on how they did it. :slight_smile:

At this point in time, only 4 shirts have been sold. That surprises me. I’m tempted to get it just because of the great colors-- but the 8 handed (or is it 6 handed?) octopus doesn’t have a lot of appeal for me.

I’d love to see more shirts from this artist with this color scheme.