Color Bee



Color Bee


This is beautiful.
Is it, simply, beautiful? Does it symbolize or reference something, like a band, or a song? Something at SXSW?


Beautiful and timely. I just read today that our Environmental “Protection” Agency has approved the “emergency” use of sulfoxaflor, a pesticide that’s fatally toxic to bees. Save the bees!


Hi. I just think Bees are important to our environment, and yes it was inspired by celebration and unity so I made it colorful like a party to make it fun! Cheers!


i just had to drop in and express my admiration for this design—it is stunning! kudos to the artist.


Very cool design. This is a case where I would love to choose another color of shirt other than the light gray.


This shirt was an instant order as soon as I saw it. Thank you!