Color-Filled Cookware

I bought one of the enamel sets at least 5 years ago and they hold up really well. I’m careful what utensils I use with non-stick stuff but none of them are peeling or coming apart. the enamel finish stains easily with a range stove. I just kinda accepted that the bottom of these will be dirty forever but they’re cheap and durable so who cares!

We also have a similar Rachael Ray cookware set. I’ve been very happy with it, much better than the old stuff I had.

If I hear EVOO one more time, I’m goin postal !!!

i’ve had a set of the green cookware for about two years now and i love it. my mom got it for me (with the oval pots) off qvc or something. i always hand wash everything as i don’t have a dishwasher anyway, and the bottoms will get a little discolored in spots from the burner, but if you’re really neurotic you can remove that with enough elbow grease and magic eraser dust but personally it doesn’t bother me.

what was remarkable is that these things survived our nine alarm house fire that completely destroyed just about everything we owned and three apartment buildings. i hadn’t had the set very long at that point and i was pissed, so i took them even though they were completely black and some had been out on the counter. a few months later i tried to clean them up and amazingly they ended up looking great and they still cook well too. there was only one frying pan where the coating felt strange to the touch so i replaced it. the color of the enamel does gradually change over time so mine are a bit darker but still a really nice shade of green.


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