Color Laboratories 8x DVD+R 50 Pack Spindle

I got the Twitter update… came here immediatly. ANd HOSED!!!


without thinking. that fast.


Can always use more of these… too bad I didn’t get any

20 minutes and their all gone??? WTF???

there were 45 of 'em :frowning:

I got 3. One more item til I get my red box. Hopefully it’s a boc

Only 45 sold before sold out. Scraping the bottom of the bin I say scrape deeper…

Oh that was just freakin’ cheap. Woot server glitched, saying “something’s wrong with your order” … put everything back in again and “oh, sorry, that’s sold out” …
Someone needs better hardware, and it’s not me.

Damn this description. Makes me want to order pizza. DAMN THEM.

Can someone paste the description of this item here please? I didn’t get to read it all. Thanks.

Not if you by 3. That sold out in 58 sec

Not if you by 3. That sold out in 58 sec

Can do:

Anyone else here for the entertainment value? :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=cedaroo, post:55, topic:158742]
Can do:

Like eBay Without The Nigerians


Just click on “the community” to see the list of comments pages for each woot.

If you guys thought 45 was a small amount, you must have missed these gems.

this one went fast