Color Labs 52x CD-R 100 Pack with Spindle



Good deal



I bought 100 CDRs for about 20 a few months ago.


anyone know if these are good for anything besides coasters?


wouldn’t spend more than $9.99 for 100 CD-R


That is just a great description…but damn, who uses CDs now-a-days?!?


I wonder how long the description took to type…would rather buy Sony or Verbatims considering the price…no thanks woot!

Wow, these are not even DVD-R, this is about an average deal for questionable media


Are these CDs high-quality enough to last more than a couple plays? It seems a lot of brands nowadays make some pretty shoddy CD-Rs, and I don’t want to get burned buying cheap again.


If these were DVD-Rs, it would be a good deal.


I was unsure anyone else still used CD-R discs. Not a great deal, But decent.


product info.


A decent deal without shipping… Add shipping… Too Expensive… I just bought 100 DVD-R’s for 17.99…

In my opinion… Over Priced by a long shot. And I brand that I do not know to boot…



wat? if these were dvd’s i’d consider them, but $18 for cdr’s? meh, not worth the loot :frowning:


hahaha, one of the best product descriptions EVAR

too bad the shipping kills this deal


hahaha wow, these descriptions get more and more interesting and funny every time… love it




I have gotten 100 CR-Rs free after rebate from office Max before. WHAT A HORRIBLE WOOT!


Country of origin? Discerning archivists want to know…

Check out for legal, lossless, live music. And it’s all free. I’m on the Server Team, and we all use Japanese CDRs. Taiyo Yuden. None of that Ritek stuff…

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Cant you get 100 CDRs at any microcenter for like $9.99 ??


That is way to expensive. It needs to be less than $5.