Color Labs 52x CD-R 100 Pack with Spindle



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Color Labs 52x CD-R 100 Pack with Spindle
$11.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Color Labs MCM52C100 52x CD-R 100 Pack with Spindle

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cd-r ? why


Need DVD please. And Lightscribe!


would buy if I hadn’t just restocked my cds :confused:


Because I don’t have one of these already lying around the house…


good price, but don’t use CD’s anymore


meh, 16 bucks for 100 cds, you can get that at frys…


you can get mail-ins for cheaper cds… not too great of a deal


who needs 10,000 CD’s … Woot give me 100 DVD for $12.00


I think you can get these cheaper at costco or bj’s


cheaper at retail, I get em from BB & OD for $8


cool, maybe next they’ll have a deal on cassette tapes…I need that!


looks like they have a bunch of them


its a very bad deal… i have always been able to get 100 for less than 10 with no shipping years back …


Going to have to pass on this on my local Microcenter has 100 cd’s for $7.99 thanks to compusa going away.


100 pack of coasters? IN FOR 3!

I hate water marks on my coffee tables!!!


that description was PAINFUL!


why would you buy this, if you can get sony 100cd-r in local staples for same price


wow… I actually needed these!