Color Outside the Lines

Great 90s throwback! I’m thinking All That and In Living Color.

I love the message on this shirt. You don’t need to conform to the rest of society. Stick it to the man!

I’m in love with another shirt. I never was very good at coloring inside the lines anyway.

I don’t get it. Is it a motivational poster shirt?

I’ve waited for this shirt since kindergarten!

Seems like the perfect shirt for my nephew since we were coloring together yesterday haha

Ahhh, I want this design!! But the blanks… noooooo…

I really hope this becomes a best seller in kids sizes. A lot of kids could use this message.

Sometimes I get the feeling that wearing the shirts for sale here would result in my sending a message that I do not understand or intend. This is one of those times.

This shirt reminds me of a fun fact:

My older brother was held back a year in kindergarten because his teacher was appalled over the fact he would not only color outside the lines, but came up with things like orange cows and a purple sky. To her, it was madness to not do things the “correct way.”

suitably chalky. full disclosure: failed coloring in kindergarten probably for this very reason.

You know what’s the most fun…making your own lines. Besides, I skipped kindergarten so I never learned the rules. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

my boss is always telling me i need to color inside the lines. i can’t think of a better way to express myself then to wear this to the office

what a fun shirt. makes me smile :slight_smile:

Oh my! This reminds me of a song by Nick Granato, Color outside the lines. I think I’ll have to buy one…
Lyrics :slight_smile:
You can do what you want as long as you keep to yourself, You can be who you are as long as its somewhere else, Its a Simon Says life; you must do whats expected, After all its our way of life theyre protecting, So we follow the obvious, the blind leading the blind and No one cares until you color outside the lines - Its a paint-by-number predictable situation, A black and white world with Technicolor implications, Move to the rhythm of a different drum, One steps out and they all come undone, They try to ignore the things that they cant define No one cares until you color outside the lines (Chorus)When its not picture perfect, and you dare to be different, Thats when they open their eyes, Theyll try to deny it, and then try to hide it, By covering up what they find, The only time they look your way, Is when you mess with their precious designs, And no one cares, until you color outside the lines, Its not about how you look; its just your appearance, No its not about what you say; its just how they hear it, Speak out of turn; they put a mark on the page, Say too much, youll be feeling their rage, You must conform to what they all decide, Cause no one cares, until you color outside the lines. (Chorus) They dont like your crayon shades, or the pictures that you choose, And youre abstract styles just a bit too wild, To say the least theyre not amused. No, dont let them stop you, dont let them tell you, That youre not doing it right, Because no one cares until you color outside the lines, No one cares until you color outside the lines. Yeah God smiles. When you color outside the line


The message on this shirt just screams “conformity”. Read the directions, and then follow them by coloring outside the lines. Besides, kids that color outside the lines naturally are probably unable to read directions, much less follow them. Coloring outside the lines doesn’t make kids creative geniuses, it just means they are slow.

OK sheep, do what the nice shirt tells you to do. Then pat yourself on the back for your creativity.

My whole career has been based on being able to come up with solutions and ideas that are “outside of the box”. My whole goal is to color outside of the lines. Some days it looks like a big mess, but other days it looks like creative genius. In the end I can’t think like everyone else, because if I do I won’t accomplish my goals. This shirt will be a nice addition to my shirt collection. It is no longer asked of my where I got my shirt, but rather, is that one still for sale?

Awesome shirt! Love to buy it but the orderpage won’t load… Or is it just me?