Color Spotlight: Sea Foam

Calling @TobiasAmaranth. Wrong shirt? Wrong color? Ha. First thing I thought when I saw the color, based on reading your previous comments.


Fat Unicorn Remix - Sea Foam
First Sucker:thumperchick

Aww yissss

Be great to have a decent selection of non-cartoonish designs once in a while.

Yyyyup. Totally not what I was looking for. Heh. I mean, I am amused that this happened so soon after I mentioned it, but I’m sure my remarks had nothing to do with this sale.

I do think they could have picked a less uhh, ‘mis-washed’ looking color, but maybe someone can send me a picture of the final product later on.

I like Sea foam…but please do the Pink Spotlight again!

Before the end of the year, someone is going to know what those foxes are saying on every color of the rainbow and a few more, not to mention, they will be on every product Woot sells.

Nice. Put your money where your mouth is, AA snobs! :slight_smile: Enjoy your all sea foam wardrobe!

Ummm Travis… You guys might want to check out the art on my “eat more meat” remix. You guys left shirt color in all over the place from the original and it makes it look like a caterpillar on the apple. Also the Broccoli.

He will be flogged. Sorry tjost.

Edit: the screen will be unaffected, we should be cleaning up the sale image and re-posting that soon though. Sorry again, tjost!

Hi, I have to clear Travis’ name. I made the sale graphic too quickly and didn’t check it vs our production screens. The artwork is good on the printing side.
We at shirt woot would never sell a shirt with a caterpillar on it. Unless it was a really cute caterpillar … possibly accompanied by a cat … or fox.
Sorry for the worry. I’ll have the sale image fixed in a moment.

Oh…I will. O_O

Thanks guys :slight_smile:



BTW, I can vouch for the existence of both a cute caterpillar (printed under C-contract, so the rights have since reverted back) and a CATerpillar woot shirt.

Also, YAY AA!!! I was actually called last night with the news, but haven’t had the time to post until now. I don’t think I have any sea foam shirts …

I hate sea foam. However, I need some new AA tees; mine are getting over-washed and old. I <3 Books is my favorite design.

Thus, despite my hating sea foam… you just sold yourself a t-shirt.

See what happens when you offer AA?!!!

AA blanks+sea foam=shut up & take my money, Woot!
I’m happy to be able to add more tees to my not exactly anemic tee wardrobe.
Thanks Woot!

Thumperchick and I were asking about you last night since we both got First Sucker on things in this sale; glad to see you’re okay.

Still stuck in the USA, so I’m getting some new shirts in a new color!!