Color Thee Fresh

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after April 14th

meh. a little plain, eh?

Helter Skelter, eh?

Helter Skelter… but why?

that might be the worst t-shirt i’ve ever seen anywhere. eesh. doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and is just not aesthetically appealing in any way. i appreciate the effort to do something different, but this one failed.

but i don’t get the shirt. is that it?

Wow… I started signing wizard if the Oz songs…

i dont know what all the criticism is for, i absolutely love the shirt. count me in for 1.

did anyone else notive the letters of “helter skelter” standing out in this post? it was immediately apparent, and annoyed me

that is nice and colorful ,

Wear this shirt: when you’re sitting at a piano with a bottle of whiskey, picking out the notes that will become the sound that leads to the best three albums you’ll ever make.

helter skelter, as most should know, is a Beatles song. the connection is through the Charles Manson reference:

“Let’s get something straight: Charles Manson never killed anybody. He was the mastermind behind the Tate murders in the late 1960’s, providing specific instructions to his followers. This small-time thief managed to charm young hippie girls into doing his bidding. His obsession with the lyrics of rock group The Beatles made him believe a race war was coming.”

from the rotten library page on Charles Manson.

I think I would have liked it better without the hand. If I was on the fence about this shirt, the description would have pushed me off… to the NOT side. I usually enjoy the descriptions but likening a shirt to drugs and Manson… ya missed a loop, there, guys!

Congratulations to the designer, though!

I love the designer’s work at DBH. No idea what happened with this design, though.

It’s disturbing. :frowning:

In for 1. Thank God for daily shirts. I think this one is GREAT!

I agree. The rainbow has too much white. It also is too pastelly. It might have been fun to draw, but it is not fun to think about wearing.

Another reason to not take a chance on the next Random shirt sale.

Yes, that’s another rainbow. I hadn’t considered that meaning until you mentioned it.

to be honest, this shirt reminds me of the 1st time I saw Conor Oberst preform. It has a nice indie music feel to it thats starting to grow on me. It’s early and I’m in my office…I think I’m going to buy one when I get home in a few hours…shouldn’t be an issue with all the disdain in the blog.

am I the only one here? anyone else in it for 1?

Too bad it isn’t an animal paw instead of a hand!!! <sarcasm> I think everyone is being a little judgemental. So, woot isn’t offering a kid shirt for one day? Both the shirt and description is geared towards adults, so therefore, people assume only the designers family members will purchase? Come on. Don’t worry. Wooters will have the option of another bird shirt on Friday, and all will be well again.