Colores Del Sol Argentina Malbec - Three Pack

No michigan? sad


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Colores Del Sol Argentina Malbec - Three Pack
$31.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
product: 3 2008 Malbec

Major forum server suckage tonight!

Link above is to CellarTracker.

That took so long to order that I need a glass of wine…

No NY :{
Another cellar360 selection.

For love of god, woot. Time to buy some more bandwidth or upgrade the servers. I’m using wootalyzer to try to help with the bandwidth, but I couldn’t even view the offer forever, let alone get on the forums to comment.

With that said, never had great experience with malbecs so I’m going to wait for the CT numbers and ratters. Hopefully a winemaker can sell me as they so often do.

No shipping to New York this time? Why?

I don’t suppose these are shipping directly from the winery :slight_smile:

Is this the first time there is non-domestic wine on wine.woot ?

I would really like to see some good German Riesling.

no love for DC ? :frowning:

So i assume their Harvest is similar to ours… in the Fall. So they picked the grapes March-May… of this year… and has it bottled and ready for purchase… within half a year? That is very very impressive turnaround.

Infanticide to drink this already? 2008? Or is that the Argentinian way of wine production - bottle and pour?

wait… so this is like… malbec a la beaujolais?

or can this get put away for a while? why was this released so young?

and final question, having never had malbec but wanting to try some, will this juice display typical malbec characteristics?

2nd international offering? nice.

I was just drinking a Malbec yesterday and hoping to find some more. This woot off is getting expensive for me! Ive bought the last three wine offerings. God thing the cellar is empty.

Poking the web folks to see what’s goin’ on. Other *.woot sites don’t seem to have a lot of problems.

I cannot seem to find… well… ANYTHING about this wine anywhere on the internet. And it looks like other wines by this winemaker typically go for around $9 a bottle?

Gonna head across the street to the wine shop tomorrow and see what they know about it before I buy unless someone here can pipe in with some reviews before then :frowning:

Also - Really wish this wootoff would end so we could get some server performance back!

To answer your last question.

No Louisiana?!?!?!?!?! WTF??? Hello? I’ve been ordering wine with no problems so far. Malbec is my all time favorite wine in the whole world and I must order this now! What’s the deal? I wish I could afford 3, but I will get one. If they let me!!

No love for Ohio. Dang, I love Malbec!

All I could find so far