Colorful Language

Congratulations on the Editor’s Pick, you CSMFs!

Chalupa squeezing monkey fondlers?! That kind of language isn’t cool, man.

Congrats Andy and Chris.

Thanks for the Editor’s Choice, woot!
That’s $%!@*?# awesome!

bleeping awesome guys :slight_smile:

@&*= Yeah! Thanks for the EC, ShirtWoot!

Also, I want to say that working with Acraigl is an honour. The guy is a creative genius with an OCD level of attention to detail. Thanks for the collab, Andy.

That’s me… Team OCD! :slight_smile:

What the hell does NSFW even mean???

Not Safe For Work. People typically include the acronym when forwarding racy jokes or links to videos with language, etc.

Great EC! Congrats guys :slight_smile:

What a @#$#% awesome design guys! Keep that !@#% up!

OCIBTGDS (Of Course I bought the GD Shirt!)