Colors of a Feather Ladies Tank

This tank is for the birds…

any females like the quality of the tank tops from woot? I am kind of considering this one… but it is white :-\

shirt racist

Not enough of a size range for me to get this one and I rather fancy it.

At least it isn’t cats.


If you need one larger than XL you shouldn’t wear tank tops. I’m sorry…

Ok so I really love this design but I’m so curious to know what the quality of the tank top is? What shirt brand is it printed on?

Will this work with my Mac? Not even a refurb! Do Not Want!

Hey, She can wear what she wants also what if she wanted an extra small?

I said “shouldn’t” not “can’t”…

Uh, some of us have cleavage and wear larger tank tops just fine. Way to generalize.