Columbia Fleece

can anyone confirm if these can be used with a Columbia 3-in-1 interchangeable jacket system? I have the Whirlybird II system, and would like to have something that can replace the inner liner in there, as needed.

Appreciate the help!

Amazon has them for roughly the same price after shipping is added here and they accept returns.'s+Mountain+2.0+Fleece

Folks, looks like the last message in that thread states they will take them back after all.

Guys, thanks for the heads up on the shitty CS… that’s the way the cookie has crumbled around here in the last 2 years.

Back to the item itself; can someone please share any insight into 3-in-1 jacket compatibility for this product?

Believe it or not, I ALSO have a whirlybird II! I have this fleece and it’s a perfect compliment for the 3 in 1 system either in place of or in addition to the other layers. (I live in Chicago… I HAVE worn the fleece, reflective puffer, AND waterproof shell all at the same time to walk my dog!)

Fleece + puffer = good breathable workout combo

Fleece + shell = comfortable for spring walks without needing the “super warm” feeling of the puffer.

One Point: It is NOT “Interchange compatible” meaning that the zipper is not the same as the one in the jacket. It still fits perfectly, but it won’t give you the “Bugaboo feeling” of a fleece lined shell.

One more thing… the inside pocket of these is PERFECT for an iPad! Columbia has a habit of putting big “goggle” glasses inside of most of their jackets, and it a great “secret” way to carry a tablet.

Thanks for the feedback!!! I might as well ask another silly question.

My Whirlybird is an XL, but I’ve lost a lot of weight since i bought it, and am actually more like an M/L right now. Assuming I get an L, will it fit inside the XL shell and puffer jacket? I hate that Columbia provides very little information on the interchangeable systems when they sell these items piecemeal

why would anyone buy this for more than the Amazon price with free shipping??? useless W@@T and part of the larger corporation that owns it.

Do Not be fooled!

Anybody else notice the end date/time for this sale changed from 11 PM on April 1st to 9 AM on April 2nd? I only noticed because earlier today I was trying to figure out why they would end a sale at 11 PM.

It was probably supposed to be set to that end time originally and it somehow got missed before the sale went live. Nice catch, though, eagle eye.

Just got my 3XLT. If this is a tall, the regular would probably only come to my nipples. This is the shortest Tall I’ve ever seen in my life.

My fleece came with the right front pocket half torn out of the jacket, there is no way to repair it.

I’m sorry for the problem. Be sure to email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

They’ll probably ask for a photo so go ahead and send one along to save time.