Columbia Hoodies

135$ - I’ve seen it all now.

If I had to rate the best inventions in the history of the world, I think my top 5 would be:

  1. Columbia Omniheat!
  2. The Wheel
  3. Automobile
  4. Pizza
  5. Beer

Please check out whats on the back of these before you order. I almost bought one of those hideous hoodies.

Looking online - the only columbia hoodies that have something on the back are the “PFG” items.

Yeah, $135 seems like a joke. About 2 minutes on google indicates that the “real” price is more like $30-40, so the woot price isn’t bad - it’s just nothing special.

I bought a PFG hoodie about 1.5 years ago. Super soft and nice weight. However, mine does not have the huge design on the back, just a tasteful small hardly noticeable triangular patch between the shoulders that says PFG.
If the design on back doesn’t offend, it is a nice hoodie.