Columbia Men's Bonehead Long Sleeve

What’s common knowledge to experienced Columbia buyers is that any shirt in the “PFG” (Professional Fishing Gear) line runs a size larger than normal. I buy every shirt in size large, so the first time buying Columbia shirts I just went through the store picking large PFG shirts I wanted without trying them on. It wasn’t till I got home and tried them on that I realized they were all too big. When I took them back to exchange for mediums, which all fit great, the salesman told me this size issue only pertained to PFG shirts and is well known. I’ve purchased successfully ever since. I guess there may be the odd one or two people who find their normal size works for them, but I thought I’d comment on my experience for any first time PFG buyers because if I were to order based on the specs provided, I’d buy a large. It’s just that “my experience” indicates the specs in this case to be wrong. Unfortunately, there aren’t any mediums available or I’d take advantage of this deal. Some others may want to comment on their experience with PFG shirts as well.

I think your right. I just tried one yesterday and noticed that. Don’t know the model, 100% cotton and really thin. Regional big-box hardware store has em. Not a big seller in the winter, should get more now.
Got an XL, and usually I feel better w/ an XX. Could actually fit a Large of that shirt.