Columbia Men's Cornerstone, 2 Colors

Anyone know the case size for the brown watch? Size DOES matter! (Seriously, I see listings for watches all the time - not just here - that don’t show the size…am I the only one who cares whether a watch is 32mm or 53mm??)

mine just arrived in pieces.

Oh dear. I’m so sorry. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

not sure about MM, but it measures 1.75 inches across. it’s big.

i did and they said sold out and refunded me, but i still see some available. i need a watch.

Argh, I wish they wouldn’t tell people it’s sold out. Thing is, this shipped directly from the vendor. To do an exchange, we would need to get the other watch back to them and then they could ship out a replacement. That would tie you up for a long time. It’s faster for us to refund directly and let you repurchase.

Make sense?

Thank You for explaining the out of stock response when problem shipments occur I appreciated word timely response on my TV that arrives DOA. I did notice it was being sold the day I received my response which I thought was amusing. It now makes a lot more sense