Columbia Men's Polarized Sunglasses

I have a slightly larger skull then the average Joe. Most avg. pair of sunglasses I buy eventually break when putting them on. Anyone own a pair of these that can speak in relation to sizing?


Wait, so the obey signs I see when wearing these glasses are really coming from inside my head?!?!?!

From my bit of research in the last hour or so, it seems a lot of these styles run very large in width. Can someone confirm/deny that? Many of them show a temple to temple measurement of 7-8 inches which seems excessively large compared to everything else I’ve read. As someone with an average sized face, I’m really hesitant to buy any of these now. Bummer.

These were just sold at for $15 each. The ones I received were complete garbage. Not worth $10 in my opinion.

Thank you I was about to try 2 pairs but not now.

These are very poor quality. I purchased a pair on 5-15-14 and they literally fell apart today (6-8-14) when I took them off, I only use while driving so they were not abused or misused. DO NOT PURCHASE.

If it helps, I bought a pair of Columbia shades at Ross a while back, and the lenses were really large. Too large. The fit was fine, and I have average head/hat size. I don’t know if that model is here but they look awfully close.

I was going to buy some of these glasses, but of the last 6 orders I have placed with Woot they have failed to send 3 of them. a 50% shipping rate is crappier than these glasses seem to be! I won’t buy from Woot! again until they clear up my shipping issues. But that won’t stop me from looking at things I would have bought.

At least its not just me woot has failed to send out all my stuff on my last two orders. when i asked they said they did not have the product still in stock. They refunded me but then sold it again like a week later.

Seem so. I didn’t get my complete order either. Thanks for making me question shopping here.

Sorry you’re missing part of your order. Have you sent your order details to yet?

Yes I have. Thanks.

Agreed. I purchased a pair during this event and just opened the box. The microfiber bag had an adhesive label stuck to the outside, so it is limited in ability to use for cleaning.

The sunglasses themselves seem very cheap in build quality as well, although the lenses themselves seem to function adequately looking out my office window.

Bought on 6/10 and already fell apart by 8/29. Also the finish on the lenses rubbed off. Worst sunglasses I ever bought.