Columbia Outdoor Watches

Does the watch below have a grey strap as listed in the details, or have the sycamore color shown in the picture?

Does the watch have backlight?

I’d assume that they are since there’s a ‘light’ function on the bezel of both models. But, just to be sure, I emailed our buyer. I’ll update you when I hear back.

It’s everything I want in a outdoorsy watch except for the fact that it’s 50mm… and I’m not a giant.

Would love to order one, but when I click the “Add to Cart” button it won’t do anything.

Can I get more info from you?
Exactly what’s happening (can’t click “I want one”; can’t click “Add to Cart”; can’t click “Place Your Order,” etc)

It’s a glow type lighting, like an Indiglo.

I finally just ordered it by using my Iphone, there must be some kinda block on my work computer.

Can’t order as well, nor click on more images.

  • Firefox
  • Windows 8
  • HP EliteBook

Does it have an alarm clock?

What in the woot is “Trakbak technology”? Looked at the available manual from the Columbia site and no info in that. It doesn’t mention a temperature function, either btw.