Columbia Polarized Sunglasses

I’ve been looking for an inexpensive pair of decent quality polarized sunglasses to use for float trips and other outdoor activities, and this looks like it fits the bill, but I can’t find any reference to these models anywhere except Woot. I normally check other sites to find additional info, reviews, and the real everyday retail price. Am I overlooking something obvious?

Of course, I might be expecting too much for $27 sunglasses.

Of course, I might be expecting too much for $27 sunglasses.

The fit might be a bit tight or these might be for women. The temple width is at 120. The other polarized glasses in Accesories are about 140-147 and the price is double. Those are advertised for men.

Temple width? Doesn’t exist. The measurements provided are lens width, bridge width, and temple length.

I just looked at the size of some mens sunglasses I have that fit, and the lens and bridge width are within a few mm either way. The temple length is within 10mm.

Don’t forget just how small millimeters are when looking at the sizing differences.

Note also that a wrap around frame will always have shorter temple length as the wrap shape puts the outside of the lens closer to your ear than a frame with less curve.

Glass or plastic lens?

A very nice plastic!