Columbia Tidewater Watch

Here it was over at the Columbia website 5 reviews to be found averaging at 3 stars.
(Also Keep in mind these reviews were probably written by someone who paid over $100 for this watch, maybe they’d be less critical if they paid what woot wants for them)

Reposting the instructions in case you missed them the first time

The Product website gives so-so reviews. Among other things, people complain about not having any nearby tide stations (which makes sense if it only has 200 to choose from).

Instructions are here.

Edit: CowboyDann beat me to it. Good on ya, mate!

Methinks the tide function on this wouldn’t be so effective in the midwest.

Does anyone know how wide the strap/band is on this? We have the thickness and length, but no width…

waterproofing seems to be questionable :frowning:

I’m hoping global warming gives me beach front property

I’d love an extra 5 or 10 degrees in January too, buy don’t buy the sandals just yet - the “scientists” aren’t even calling it global warming anymore (we’ve been cooling since 1998). Now it’s called “climate change”, but you can be sure that they will tell us that whatever it is must be bad and must be our fault.

LOL,let me guess FOX is you’re major source for “news”

What are you talking about? The gravitational pull of the moon (which is a major cause of tides) effects all bodies of water. It just doesn’t matter so much on the smaller bodies of water. I haven’t downloaded the manual “yet” but I am pretty sure that you are right that Iowa doesn’t have any of the 200 locations.

We’re missing the most important question here.

Does it blend?

Don’t get this if you’re looking for tides on the Gulf of Mexico, Washington or Oregon. Lots in California and up the Eastern seaboard though.

I have a similar Columbia watch and the width is about 7/8 inch (maybe slightly less)… This is a big watch face and big band.

Anybody have a list of the 200 locations to get the tides for?

The change to “Climate Change” is more accurate because it creates extreme changes in the weather, not just warming.

As for it getting cooler, that’s just not true. Check your facts. It’s gotten hotter over the past decade - the host in centuries. In fact, the ice caps are at its smallest.

Pages 3-5 on the instructions.

I was getting more at 200 locations available rather than the idea the midwest isn’t subject to lunar effects, but I think you got the point.

The Woot Specs indicate that this watch has a thermometer. But neither the Columbia website nor the instruction guide mentions such.

i want a blue or a black one!

Cool watch, but I thought I saw a swastika on the upper part of this watch.