Columbus Discovers Seven Stranded Castaways
*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Congratulations Edgar! It seems like you have a real bead on the voters now. :slight_smile:

And though it might not be the highest, that’s got to be the coolest vote count I’ve seen so far.

WTG Edgar!!! Grats on printing again so soon!!

Way to rep the 570 man.

Haha very nice. I like the Gilligan resemblance

Never liked the show much… Great design still. wo00o0oo0ot

Congratulations, Edgar!!! wooHOO!!!

Woo! Another Edgar! So happy to grab this one up. Congrats on the print!

YAY EDGAR! In for one! :smiley:

Cool that they snuck in that Doby Gillis jab…

1111 - nice symmetry

Creative, imaginative and funny. My favorite of this derby. WTG Edgar. Thanks!

Does anyone else spend way too much money on Woot shirts? I haven’t even worn some of the ones I have, got two in the mail, and yet, this one calls to me… must… resist.

Yay! My second edgar. Love rocking out the rat shirt!

Love the design, said this would win when I first saw it.
Loved the show sooooooooooo much!!!

I really want to buy this since I’m going to be spending the semester in Sevilla, where Columbus set out from and where his bones supposedly are, but I think it might just be a little too cartoony for me…

Always :smiley:

“Just remember that one day he’ll be king of his people…”

He already is to some… :slight_smile:

why is Mary Ann hiding behind Gilligan? Thought she would hide behind the Professor

Nice shirt. I might buy one.