Combining orders

I really wish there was a way to click something that says “OK to combine one’s orders for the day”. Especially when I’ve already ordered something more major. I hesitate to order some additional little thing since I know it will trigger another package, more work for the carrier, and more box/wrapping in my house.

I’d be fine with the slowest thing to ship.

It probably wouldn’t save you any money, as the shipping cost savings would be offset by some more scrambling at your warehouse. But it might get some more orders out of me. And would be better for the environment and the carriers.

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Yeah, that’s nigh on impossible because your order may have something shipping from one of our vendors, Amazon warehouses, or our Dallas warehouse.

And for Amazon, inventory can be scattered across multiple warehouses. Even if in the same warehouse, it doesn’t seem to be a feature they offer third party sellers which we are.

Thanks for the feedback!

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And thank you for the explanation. I thought everything was coming out of your TX warehouse.

I have an item coming today from Romulus, which is thankfully not this one.

Job security.