Come Back, Pluto!

Pretty sure this is the best plus sale, ever. All of these shirts are awesome!

Put Bring Back Pluto on a jersey zip hoodie next time. Why is everything a t-shirt? Pluto wants more variety in product choice.

I still want this one.

And I would wear it if I ever were to meet Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

A long long while ago, I sent one of these tees to NdGT c/o the Hayden Planetarium and never heard anything ;(

I figure he probably gets this kind of chiding way too much anyway. Especially since he’s absolutely right about Pluto.

As some might say, that’s no moon!!!

Has Gardening At Night ever been offered as a poster? I would love to have it on my wall.

huh…I already have 3 of these, and am actually wearing “thanks science” today. I don’t think I realized quite how bitter I still am about this.

Poor red headed step child Pluto… no one wants to play with you ever since you lost weight. All the fat planets are just jealous so kicked you out of their heavenly body club. You will always be a planet to me… and hay Mickey loves you!

Pluto’s had it coming for decades. It always knew its days were numbered.

Why was this one excluded?
Oh My Gods! by Wirdou & Harantula

I medically need “Thanks, Science!” as a shirt =(