Come Dell or High Water

These are a couple hundred less than the Dell Outlet! (at least the E7440’s are). Quite the bargain!

The E6330 you can get cheaper on the Dell Auction site.

Just FYI the 7440 is End of Life cycle for support from Dell unless you purchase an extended warranty directly from them. This isn’t really a big deal and Lati’s are solid machines. Just giving full disclosure.

They’ve been superseded by the 7450, not end of life. They are only a year and a half old. Our Dell Rep still sells them to us vs the newer model. These were released late 2013.

They are pretty solid, our users love them, they are our current “brand new” model in our fleet. The i7 model here is one of the best deals I’ve ever seen on this model and it’s a complete steal for this class/size. Ours are about a year and a half old and zero issues for anyone so far.

I wish Woot would let us order more than 2 each.

The 7440 is a great, well-built, enterprise grade ultrabook.

That’s pretty much it. It’s good; if you want a good laptop for doing work it’ll fit the bill.

The Dell Latitude E5440’s features section mentions a “SuperMulti DVD±RW drive” but the specs section says “Optical Drive: NONE”. Sooooo, does it have an optical drive or not? Thanks in advance…

Edit: I am referring to the model with the “Intel Core i5-4310U, 8GB DDR3, 128GB Solid State Drive, 802.11ac, Win8Pro” specs. Thanks…

I’m intrigued by the specs and price of the Dell Latitude E7440 (256GB SSD, 8GB DDR3) but I am totally spooked by the Metro Business Systems 3-month warranty. One of the main reasons we always buy Dell is because of the service, but this is from a company I have never heard of, is very short and seems a little sketchy.

I think of it this way. It’s been used already, turned in, some other company (out to make a buck) deemed it worthy enough to make sure it works to re-sell it, and then there’s the woot return policy as well. So…with all it’s been through, if it’s being resold, and it’s still a newer model in Dell’s lineup, I would think it’s probably going to keep on running for many years to come.

My 5 separate orders just came in. Wooot! This saved my company $6200+ over buying the exact same models brand new.

These are not refurbished by MetroPC I dont’ think (as this is what it says on the box) but perhaps refurbished by GENCO and resold by MetroPC? I’m not too clear on this. Everyone one of them had the Refurbished by GENCO sticker on the bottom.

GENCO bought Dell’s north american remanufacturing plant a while back, and they do all of Dell’s factory refurbs (they are top quality).

I feel you can buy any of these with confidence after seeing my shipment that came in. These are the same packaging, and refurbed units that are sold directly off the Dell Outlet or the Dell Auction site.

Good Stuff! I am quite happy with this purchase.