Come on, Capon.

Apparently, roosters’ flatulence look AND smell nice.

Flowery, nice… but probably not for me.

I’m not cocky enough.

Love the rooster and the design behind him

Is this shirt regular or Extra Crispy?

What’s the story behind castrating the rooster now?

Looks like that rooster killed a few lyre birds to get that tail.

There’s a reference here, and I’m just not grokking it. Oh hey, Firefox doesn’t tell me I spelled a word wrong when I use grok. Geek power!

Hmm is it time for a change KFC? Kentucky Fried Capon?


This one appears to be part peacock.

So that’s where ornamental woodcut web-dings come from!

That roosta is gangsta. Playa don’t give a cluck. Peacockadoodle do, son.

Hmm, judging from the shirt’s title, this Capon is just using all that fancy plumage to compensate…

Great rooster, but barf baby blue? No thanks. I wish they would let you choose what color shirt to have the design printed on. I would end up buying way more Woot shirts if that were the case.


cock a doodle pcok!

Beautiful artwork I’d love to wear, but I simply can’t wear baby blue well. Bah!


I agree. There are so many designs I would also purchase if the shirt color was selectable - even a choice of 2 or 3 colors would net far more shirt purchases. In other words… my wife says “Thank you” for not providing any choices.

Love the design but, like the others, I’m not feelin’ the baby blue. I’ll have to sleep on it.