Come on, honey. Get up, it's time for school.

Thank the Lord I don’t have little ones anymore. Now it’s just dogs, chicken, and cat to get ready before I have to start work.

Getting the kids ready for school was always a nightmare. :fire_engine:


Same, still. All this talk about homeschooling and college and everything brought the nightmare back for me too.

I know there were kids in my college class who wore pajamas, but the kids today don’t have to sit by them when they do that crap. It’s not fair. SLEEP IN YOUR CAR BETWEEN CLASSES! THAT’S COLLEGE!


The math is fine, if you don’t assume the dreams stopped when high school stopped.

You can still have bad dreams about something even for years after it’s over. Right? (Like this conversation. haha j/k)


Graduated in 85 and I had dreams about that crap last night. Didn’t know where my classes were, what my schedule was, whether or not I had missed a test because I didn’t know where the class was. I hate those dreams…lol


Definitely slept through my alarm this morning.

Thanks, mom!



Thanks, I’m sure I’ll have wonderful dreams of forgetting my locker combination tonight.


That’s some Little House on the Prairie stuff right there.

Lived rural and went to small Christian school. Think the local high-school graduating class only had around 80-90 in it.

I still would want 10 more minutes!

I’ve been having weird dreams that everyone in my grade has to go back and repeat a grade in high school in order for their diploma and BS/BA to be legit. It’s my 20 year reunion this year so I’m sure that has something to do with it. Even though I’ve always been ( and still am) the person who could care less what other people think of me.

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School messes people up in so many ways.

In LA they have some preschool with chickens and goats (farm animals) and the kids actually do better with social skills and in certain learning areas than the regular preschool In the area. That’s what I read.