Come on, Reel the Noise

Fishers, it’s time to check in.

I am checking in, however, no left hand handbaiters or trigger spin casters. :frowning:

But thanks for checking in - see, the more fishers that do and tell us what they need, the higher the possibility those things can happen!

Reel fishermen buy real reels. They like little rods. Lots of spiderwire, and Hell, throw in a jig for the good Lord.

Ohh, and you guys have shipping stuff figured out. Nice work Palo.

Edit (Pal). Oops!

i believe if you will check a little deeper into each open face reel —you will discover each has the ability to change the retrieve handle to either side of the reel.

I don’t want to generalize, but most real fisherman are not going to buy a reel for over $60. They see these high priced reels and laugh. Maybe if they were at least 50% off you might get more bites. (pun intended)

Are you kidding me? These bait casters are amazing, if i had the money i would be picking up two of the EXO’s right now. Good fishing equipment isn’t cheep (EXO goes for $250 at BPS), but deals like this let even those with tight pockets get pro gear.

Baitcasters can not be changed from left to right hand. For the spin casters, i wanted a trigger spin caster.

Quantum Smoke SL25PTi Spinning Reel is what I need!