Comfort Research 5-Foot King Fuf Chair

The other night I dreamed I was eating a giant marshmallow, and when I woke up, half the pillow was gone!

Er, is this worth it? Does anyone have one of these?

Isn’t that “foof?”

Now that’s a quality post! LOL

gah… white bean bag… thats gonna be fun to wash

Not really on that much of a sale, $113 at amazon.

$115 for a 5’ bag of foam. I’ll pass.

i am having SO much trouble imagining how this would look when it is delivered…

Just the piece I was missing to finish the giant laptop keyboard…

Good night everyone. I’m sure this will still be here in the morning when I get up.

Wootoff killer?

I’d much rather a 5’ bag of crap. Just sayin.

Hmmmm Lovesac knock off… probably use a lovesac cover to change it up or wash-ability.

reading the reviews on amazon, it comes in a vaccuum sealed bag, so it must be in a decent sized box.

Sold one…

Reviews on Amazon are concerning - stinky random “trash” inside, malfunctioning zippers, etc. Plus, not much of a discount from their lowest prices. On that note, going to bed.

this one is awful… I have been waiting patiently for something good… but I might have to turn in on this note … its 4 in the morning…dreaming of good Woots.

Or, there is only one of them. Which could still be a Wootoff Killer.

Although, I believe there is some dumb dumb that would buy it.

Thats kinda funny because 2 people got these in the last woot off as their letter items.