Comforters: Comfy Forts

I purchased the “Eve” room-in-a-bag from a big name dept store about two months. I had ordered it online. Paid more then double what Woot is asking.
It was the absolute worst quality bedding I have ever had (returned it the same day!) the stitching was either coming apart or just plain missed the material next to it in about eight places.
The material was so cheap it made noise?? And the sheets-well they were so thin you could see through them…horrible quality!

Newegg has many of these a few bucks cheaper with free shipping…found while looking for other reviews, which I can’t find.

Have to agree. I bought the 7-Piece Kendall Jacquard Comforter Set: cheap, cheap, cheap. Poor stitching, color not as pictured, and it doesn’t even fit the bed! Very disappointing.