Comforters For The Comfort-able

Are they solid (the down alternative/cotton covered ones)? The close up makes it look like they have dark edges on the bottom. Ready to order other than this question. Thanks.

Are these sewn with normal nylon thread or plastic thread many overseas manufacturers use on the cheaper comforters? (Plastic thread is never listed on the materials tag, so someone will have to take a look at the stitching to tell)

Edit to add:
I’ll assume from the lack of a reply that either the stitching is in fact plastic or no one has bothered to look. Although I need an inexpensive comforter for guests, I’ll pass as tossing out comforters after the first or second wash/dry is a waste.

Can you link to the one you’re looking at? I don’t see dark borders.

Is there any way to find out the brand name on these? I would really like to read some reviews before I decide to order.

I concur.

I think he/she is seeing shadows

If they are the same ones as on Groupon (which I think they are), the brand is Hotel Grand. Price is the same. Only difference is these have a higher thread count. The one on Groupon is 600 thread-count.

Here’s a fun read: The new USA Standards for DOWN and FEATHER Labeling

That PDF is the new(ish?) regulations about things that are filled with down and when/why you have to give percentages of down, feathers, fiber, etc.

So the higher percentages of “feather fiber” than “down fiber” probably means these aren’t as high quality as some others. (Unless of course I’m misunderstanding those specs).