Comforters Of Reversible Down Alternative

Bought 3 of these. Very warm until washed. Then the batting clumps up and instead of a comforter, it looks like a sheet of ravioli. Not as warm, and very unattractive. Serves me right for thinking I could buy a decent comforter for $25.

So, the answer, then, is to make sure only to dry-clean? You were happy with the product otherwise, yes? (Not being snarky, but am looking for an inexpensive, non-allergenic comforter and wondering if this is the solution … thanks.)

Cost of dry cleaning will be abut $10 ( i have cats and the dark side is a fur magnet).

I bought this for a friend for her wedding and it is MUCH nicer: and currently lists for ~$39 (with free shipping).

Great! Thank you.