Comic Book & Trading Card Surprise Bundles

Why would anyone in their right mind want to buy cards that are already removed from factory packaging!? Sure, lets remove anything of value and justify it by putting in an “autographed card”… NO THANK YOU!!!

I’m just wondering if I’m missing something here because the page indeed says unopened packs?

Are those Goudey cards?

Has anyone done this deal more than once?
Is it worth going for this a second time or do they just send you mostly the same comics each time?

comics are not bad. do not buy sports cards. It is basically a way for a guy to unload all his duplicate and commons. also they are just stuffed into a box with zero protection

I just can’t help but giggle at the “Benefits of Collecting” section. I mean, you have to try pretty darn hard to attribute organizational, math, and business skills to craving a Joe Sakic rookie card!

I’ve done a number of the comics boxes. I have never gotten a box without a particular Catwoman #1. There are a couple of comics from the Hulk universe that I have 2-3 copies. In general, I’ve gotten 20 or so unique titles with each box on average.

I honestly didnt see that on the “hockey” cards, but alot of the fun in card collecting is opening cards from the original package.

Thanks for the feedback. I was debating whether to do this again, and I remember hearing that everyone was getting the Catwoman #1 each time. But I wanted to see if it was more that just that comic.

Catwoman #1 is a frequent repeater in these boxes, but overall there aren’t a lot of dupes. This will be my 4th time ordering 3 boxes of 25 on this deal over the past couple years, and I have always been pleased reading through what comes in there.

Comics aren’t an investment anymore, and nothing you get in this box will be worth more than $1-3 to collectors or comic shops. However, you will occasionally see a hidden fun gem. Last batch of these, I got a great Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans annual from the early 80’s.

It appears the sports cards are opened and the bonus comics cards are still in their original 80’s packaging.I would highly suggest checking out your local comic book store - they usually have .50 to $1.00 bins of comics and I think you’d end up happier than here.

You can get a better deal on ebay…

This is a great opportunity to stock up on comic books for giveaways with my website orders.

I’ve gotten a Catwoman #1 in pretty much every box I’ve got in these deals. Very few other dupes though, and if so, only two here & there. You’re also not going to make money getting some “rare” comic. Otherwise, good price for a large selection of random comics.

Where was it listed on the Hockey cards because I indeed got a box of loose cards that have plenty of wear marks and issues?