Comic Heroes

Methinks some pricing needs readjusting. $0.00? Umm …

I got in touch with the team a bit ago. Thanks, though!

So long as someone knows. Feel free to delete these posts after it’s taken care of too.


I would love to re-order the Darn Cool Clubhouse shirt if I knew that 1) the shirt would come true to size - the last one I ordered was smaller than expected and I own many a woot shirt and never had this problem before plus I’ve ordered shirts since and they’ve fit correctly - so its not me. 2) it didn’t come in “silver” - that is a horrible color no matter how you try and dress it up with the name “silver”. When are we going to get shirt color options??

Someone needs to update the Marvelous Clubhouse shirt! Spidey’s coming to the MCU!

what’s with the lack of youth sizes?

Very disappointing. Wanted to order a kids 10 Supurrr Friends.