Comic & Trading Card Surprise Bundles

I am always in for 3 of the random comic boxes. Over the past couple years, I’ve gotten tons of fun bits of comic past - stuff from 1982 to 2012. Sure, there’s the obligatory Catwoman #1 in every box, but you can disassemble those to make fun wrapping paper!

They made 2000 hovkey cards?

They definitely have not made 2000 hovkey cards.

Can anyone on staff chime in about if the cards in the lots unique or will there be a ton of duplicates?

I’m kind of disappointed they don’t offer MTG cards in this. Even if it was cheapo bulk rares I’d be happy haha.

The internet would probably break.

I was slightly disappointed with this event. I was in for 2 and when they got here there were some nice comics in the box. Both boxes though had 2 sets of duplicate comics (one was an adult comic called “Crossed”). Also the trading card were supposed to be non-sport but each box had 3 packs of MJ (Michael Jordan) cards.

This woot was disappointing. I didn’t expect great things but I got a bunch of comics with duplicates that were not in great shape. I was in for 3. Got 5 of the same comic. Some had ripped pages. The cards were terrible. Lots of Michael Jordan stickers and power rangers. Terrible.

Disappointed in the comics here as well.

I got 3 boxes, and between the 3, I maybe have 10 total singles copies. I have 3 of over half of each box, right down to the same 4 on top when I opened them.

If you have time - I am curious what titles they gave you. Are you able to snap a picture of them all?

I would stay away from these deals based on my experience. Nascar, Pukeymon, and Michael Jordan sticker cards… Some of the comics were ok, but they were also just tossed in a box and all bent up when they arrived.

Can send any NASCAR cards my way