Command Strips 17067 VP Small Wire Hooks

Command Strips 17067 VP Small Wire Hooks

So…am I not reading this right? Which is the correct number of packages? @ThunderThighs It says:

  • Quantity of (3) Packages: 3M Command 17067-VP 9 Pack, Small Wire Hook Value Pack

And it says:

  • 9 Hooks Per Package x 7 Packages = 63 Hooks Total

Based on the ASIN used for the reviews link, the inconsistent description is pulled directly from the Amazon listing.

Unclear whether the Woot listing is for:

  • 27 hooks
  • 63 hooks
  • Or for that matter, just 9 hooks…
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The Specs tab says:
1.7 L x 3.9 W x 6.4 H inches
I interpret that to mean it’s only 1.7" deep…which would be unlikely to be 7 packages stacked up…

I ordered it regardless. If they don’t send me:

9 Hooks Per Package x 7 Packages = 63 Hooks Total

I will complain and get free stuff and/or coupon.

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I’m guessing it’s 27 total hooks (3 packs of 9)

The dimensions matches the specs of the 7 packs of 9 amazon listing.

I’ve asked but haven’t heard back yet.

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That’s my plan too @ThunderThighs it’s a little silly how much this happens here with the AMZN stuff. I miss the old Woot.

Right. It’s my way of punishing amazon for clogging woot up with these crappy listings.

“oh…but it’s really woot that you’re hurting…blah blah, wah wah…”
Maybe, but woot might eventually tell the 'zon that it is just not worth it to list their crap if they can’t ensure accuracy of the items.

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Problem is that 3rd party vendors can go in and modify the sales on Amazon. Sometimes, they’re pure junk. We do what we can but it’s hard to catch everything. We do appreciate y’all ask the questions.

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I’m expecting 9 Hooks Per Package x 7 Packages = 63 Hooks Total from this sale.

Our best guess is 27 strips in total.

Too late to cancel, can I get it canceled?

I went ahead and requested a cancellation just now since I can’t expect what the specs say :slight_smile: It’s a silly place to draw the line anyway. I’ll wait for something more worth the trouble.

And now I see the verbiage has changed. Definitely want a cancellation. No email, no notice of the sale change?

OR, they could send me the 63 hooks…

I only found it changed 7 hours after the fact. New employee. Feel free to reach out to CS. I copied them on the email so they’ll know.

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Done & did earlier. Thanks ma’am! It’s not like you had other things to attend to today!

Welcome to Woot then.

Got my order cancellation, refund and coupon.

Thank you for writing to us! I have checked with the details and found that the item includes 3 quantity per package, hence this would not be as expected.

Best of a bad situation, thanks @ThunderThighs and CS staffer Dipayan K.