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What do you mean? Did you hit a product where it did not have a thread? If so, some of the older threads are in the process of being moved over to the new forums.

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That is why we can make our own topic and complain all we want until the threads are moved. No one on woot! is trying to stop freedom of speech. Only thing they want is civility. This is all new to everyone. I had no problem with the old but I believe once we get used to it, this is a good change.
Well maybe after I go through the long tutorial a few more times! Lol!


@gatesboy23 The old forums were breaking down. Frequently the product discussion page would be missing. Near as I can tell, each product now has their distinct product listing. But as long as you’re leaving in a huff to go to meh…


Hey @gatesboy23. I think if we wanted to get rid of complaints or critiques, we’d kill the forums. Instead, we made a large investment in a new forum.

Our old forum was well over a decade old and built on beta code for a product that never saw the light of day. It took a lot of effort to keep them running and we couldn’t update them for fear of breaking them.

It was either get new forum software or kill the forums. NOBODY wanted to see the forums go away.

Change can take a bit to get used to. Give it some time.


Hi TT and all-

I’m wondering if gatesboy23 was frustrated because each deal page used to clearly show how many comments had been made on the deal and had a link directly to that comment page in the Community. Now when I go to deal pages, there is simply a generic link to “Discuss this Deal” and it does not show any indicator of activity.

Often, when I click on that “discuss” link, it’s taking me to a page that’s basically blank of any discussion or detail and I’m wondering if there’s a broken link or I did something wrong. So either something is broken or your new forum system is so confusing/complicated/new/whatever that people are simply not posting.

This all actually makes me LESS likely to spend any time looking at the stuff, and certainly less likely to buy. Hearing feedback from previous buyers or people familiar with products led me to buy things I might not have initially, and helped me avoid wasting money other times.

Top that off with making it even harder to find posts like gatesboy23’s regarding the actual site functionality, and I think you have an idea of what some longtime Wooters might be frustrated about.

Please don’t just file this under “people hate change”. File it under “People like functionality” and “Let’s Make It Easy for Our Customers to Keep Spending Money”

You have a difficult job, TT! Your bosses can help make it easier. :smile:


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Hello. Thank you for the feedback. We’re still in transition.

The post count will be back soon, possibly by the end of the week.

We’re trying to find the bug that is sometimes not taking you to the discussion when you click on the Discuss this Item button.

There’s a robust search on this site so you can hunt up posts. Also, if you have one you like, bookmark it with the image button.

Hope that helps.

Yay for post counts! That will help a lot. You should consider making this a staff post (or at least a more obvious one since my search yielded none) so people like me don’t grump and bug you more. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s just me, but many websites have taught me NOT to trust search functionality because of various implementations of boolean search, word length limits, search frequency limits and other bugaboos. Again, yours may be robust, but the previous functionality and layout was so simple and easy to use, it didn’t require search at all. So the new stuff may be more capable, but it’s not necessarily easier to use or easier to shop.

Thanks for the reply and info.

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We used to be able to go to the comments and see all of the previous offers in that section (e.g. gourmet, tools, etc.) even during the woot offs. That functionality seems to have disappeared. Now I’m not able to see if I missed something I was hoping to catch as a ‘replay’ during the woot-off. Sad. I’ve also been asked to randomly log back in over and over just to go to the forums. I eventually just close the browser and don’t purchase.


They have a few bugs they’re still working on, including that login issue.

As for the previous offers – on the main forums page, there is a section called ‘deal chatter’ and categories below that. Click on the appropriate one to see the various deals that have been offered.


I did what you told me. I went to deal chatter and clicked category, scrolled endlessly until I got to gourmet. The last deal listed was 2 days ago. None of the woot-off deals for gourmet were shown. If it was under category, woot-off, I did not look. I was specifically looking for the woot-off deals for gourmet. That is the functionality I believe is gone. I used to be able to see every single offer for a category, even for the woot-offs. What am I doing wrong?

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All Woot-off threads for any Woot-off will go under Woot-Off category. That’s where they all are.

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During the Woot-offs it’s just easier to keep watching the Gourmet section. I usually watch the sellout and the shirt section too.

I write down each deal as they come up–easy!

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Oh yeah! I forgot! Journals are available on shirt.woot!


Thanks. I don’t want to go through everything. I want to see woot-offs of a specific category. I was spoiled. Once you have something it’s hard to give it up. I reiterate my initial comment - functionality that is lost. Sad. I guess we call this progress.

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I’ll forward the feedback. I can see your point for the different categories in woot-offs. Maybe we can create them in a way that lets you filter.

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This change is something only the sheeple will buy,. as it’s really an excuse to get rid of bad reviews !

This was and is,………… a purposeful move by Woot to suppress bad reviews about your products !
To say otherwise is a blatant lie !!!
All you’ve done is make it very difficult to find reviews about your products !
If you’re so confident about your products, the reviews posted by your customers should stand on their own, without censoring of trying to find out about a product, that you’ve now imposed !

If Amazon can keep their comments front and center, why can’t WOOT ??!

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It’s already been fixed. Discussion threads are available on products like they were before. They had a few hiccups when changing the forums software but discussion threads are working fine now.

Also, product listings include Amazon reviews when available (including the 5-star rating system), so when you pair that with the discussion threads on here, it makes it extremely easy to see what others are saying about listed items.

I hope you’ll look around the site to see what I’m referencing because it’s all there. I just clicked on several of the items for sale right now on Woot and all of them had proper links to discussion threads on the forums.

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Sounded a lot like a rage quit. Might not still be around to see your reply.