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Hi there. How are we hiding bad reviews? You can comment just as you’ve always done.


Seems like the reviews of the forums are coming up just fine!


Yep, we deliberately spent thousands of dollars and tons of hours of dev time to create a new forum and migrate bajillions of threads just to hide candid customer feedback and deceive people. Because we are awful at making business decisions. Just the worst. :roll_eyes:


Clearly. And the complaining person getting a personal response from Woot’s CTO is just a clever diversion to make us think you care but YOU DON’T.



Why are they not next to the next to the Features, Specs and Sales Stats like they were before ?
Why does one have to play Lewis and Clark to find comments on the products ??!
Like I said, Amazon has them front and center…why not Woot ??!
What changed that Woot had to take the comments from under the product ??!


Where do you mean? They haven’t moved at all. Do you mean Quality Posts? You do know those were done manually by @ThunderThighs right? She manually marked and added commentary to link to the posts, but the Discuss This Deal item is still hugely right under Add to Cart. Also the Amazon reviews are right under the price as well!

This is a third party forum product and we don’t have the ability for TT to selectively mark “quality posts” anymore. If clicking the second largest button on the entire page “Discuss this Deal” is difficult to find, then short of making it flash and putting a big arrow pointing to it saying “The commentary is in here”, I am not sure what else we can do to help track it down.


Look, I don’t know how simple I can MAKE THIS !!
When you clicked on a product, underneath the picture of said product, there were “4” headers…………
Features, Specs, Sales Stats and…COMMENTS !!
Those comments are now GONE !!
WHY ??!


Those comments, when they were there, were added by me. It was a manual process where I had to select a post and make it a quality post.

You couldn’t post or comment there though.

What you may also be missing is the comment count on the discuss button that would indicate a discussion underway. That’s on our list of things to add.


I have a feature request please


Does it involve penguins or the color purple?