Commercial Cool 13K BTU Portable AC

What size window does this model support? Can the window kit be used for sliding windows as opposed to hung windows? I saw reviews online that the window kit hose does not stay put and people used duct tape to hold them together. If this is true, will Woot accepts returns?

I have the same question. I have sliding windows. So how does the vent work?

Waiting on confirmation from the vendor. Check back for an update.

This not a window unit. Usually does need to be vented though

No one said it’s a window unit.

I wouldn’t buy anything refurbished or something like this through Woot.

I’ve had bad experiences with refurbs from Woot, cost me a pretty penny–might as well buy new, with a service plan from your local store.

I have purchased many things from Woot that were refurbed… I have never had an issue with any product… Refurbed items usually go thru an extensive testing procedure before passing…

I have purchased many things from Woot that were refurbed.I have had issues with a couple products. It has always been a pleasure working with WOOT customer service people and have never gone away feeling taken advantage of. Problems were solved quickly with very friendly and helpful people. Would I buy referbs from WOOT again? You can bet on it.

sorry for the double post. :frowning: