Commercial Electric Recessed Can Light

Commercial Electric Recessed Can Light

Does anyone know how these are powered? IF by battery, is there a remote control? Thank you.

Sounds hardwired to me:

In what world are lights only used three hours a day? They might as well have rated it for 120 years, based on one hour a day!

Is this for both indoor and outdoor ?

Per that Amazon link above:

Can be used indoors and in an outdoor enclosed setting, perfect for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, closets, laundry, porches and garage work rooms

I’m an electrical contractor. These will replace any light fixture mounted to a standard ceiling box, or replace the bulb and reflector in an existing 4" recessed light. The Amazon link suggests it will work in “most” 6" existing recessed lights.

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Hi, how does it fit in to I guess what I call standard canned lighting up in the ceiling like in my kitchen? I know … sorry a girl and confused because it looks so nice but mine are open and have about 8 in my kitchen & I screw in light bulbs. This doesn’t seem like it would work or even the same thing I have. If that at all makes sense maybe you could answer? Thank you so much