Community Critiques for Rejected Daily Subs

I’m wondering if I can spark any interest in this? There’s obviously plenty of space and opportunity to create discussion around the derby entries, but hows about all those dailys that never see the Wootosphere?

So the idea being to share rejected daily designs (not derby subs) in the hopes of getting feedback, ideas, constructive criticism, etc. and help each other out before taking the design to other sites. Or maybe even eventually make this a spot to share designs before we sub them as a daily? And in no way would I want this to become a platform for bitter artists to stress over rejected art, ideally it would help us and Woot. We’ll create better designs, and they’ll receive better designs.

As unsatisfying as the copy and paste rejection response is from the art department it’s completely warranted as there’s no way they could ever give legitimate feedback for every submission. So maybe we as the Woot art community could offer that feedback for each other instead?

What do ya say?

List of critique topics from my ol’ art school days:

  • Concept
  • Design/Composition
  • Style
  • Quality
  • Originality
  • Is it marketable?/Will is sell?

I’ll be the first to throw something into the fire, here’s my most recent rejected daily:

first let me admit that imma far from the best art critic. moar like the wurst. i don’t get many pop kulture refs and i don’t have a good eye for style. but you asked nicely so i’ll brake the ice and be the 1st critic.

concept - … uh, i don’t get it. it looks like a jurassik world/mario mashup, but not really sure if there is any connexion that justifies such a mashup.

design/composition & style - imma never went to art skool or nuthin, so i don’t understand the distinktion. but i figger my comment goes here. the picture seems (to my untrained eye, anyhoo) a little washed out and, uh. green. i would like the 4ground figures to stand out from the bg a leetle moar.

quality - draughtsmanship is good. again, would like figgers to stand out a leetle moar. mabe a bolder outline or shading/hilites? dunno.

originality - imma not a good judge. the mashup seems a leetle forced, but mabe this is what would make it original.

marketable - again, i dunno. it seems to me that peeps don’t like normally-proportioned humans on there shirts. also wondering if jurassik whirled memes will have staying power.

what did woot have to say? only the cut/paste reply?


oops, on re-reading it seems to me you’d rather have feedback from the active artists. just ignore what i posted.

Today’s shirt plays to the same crowd. If you looked at that and analyzed why they are different (graphically) it may help.
I get the mashup. I often find that woot will go for the super kawaii far more than the literal. If it is drawn realistically it had better be darn fine, or a SUPER concept.
Google image search “Mario Jurassic world” As you can see it’s been done.
Not to say originality is crucial, it’s just if your idea isn’t unique, then it had better be designed “OVER 9000!!!”
Now, artistic critique. The colors are very muted, difficult to read from nay sort of distance. Which, as a shirt design, is crucial. So, more line variation, black lines. Or a different shirt color.

I will say that as far as positives, the composition, style, and execution are great. One thing that might help the design stand out from the background would be a bit of a lighter color shaded in behind the trees. I did something similar in the picture below for reference. Not a great design either, but it shows what I’m talking about.

Neat, I really like this idea. Below is one that I had kinda sorta thought about subbing to the “movie poster” derby but never did finish till a later date and then decided to sub it as a daily. Hand drawn, scanned, colorized and all that jazz. Feel free to let me know what yall’ think.

Granted this may “have been done” or what not I still like the design and the fact that the colors are a bit muted (personal preference). The poses are nice and dynamic which I enjoy, it adds some energy to the image. The only thing I would personally say is the line thickness could vary more. However, this is just speaking from my own personal style. Variation in the line thickness would help with translation of the design at a distance while still keeping the feel of the image intact. I’d also maybe say that there could have been a little more red on the dino spikes or maybe a little bigger. They kinda get lost with the overall detail.

Is this is reference to something?

Here’s one of my rejected dailies. Maybe it’s too obscure? I thought the Dead Parrot sketch was well loved, but maybe it doesn’t feel “Python” enough? Sometimes I have trouble matching style to content.

I feel like this might be one of those ideas that you like, but fails to translate to a wider audience. Happens to me all the time.

Nah, not that I’m aware of atleast… I guess in a way its referencing me at work or just any cube dweller :stuck_out_tongue:

right… that appears to be my biggest issues with dailies and derbies. I hit on a good idea every once in a while but normally its something I’m not just in love with by any means but everyone else does.

I feel ya. I had similar idea, trying to mash up office space with Cthulhu.
It bombed.

If it were a walmazan parrot it would have gotten thru…

the thing with walmazan, tho, is that he usually adds a je ne sais quoi walmazany quality to whatever concept. the design pictured here is (imho) well drawn, but still just a strait-up reference to the python skit, with no added spin, twist or joke.

i don’t have any special insite as to what is picked for dailies, but here is my guess: it helps alot if there is more than one reason for some1 to buy it. fer example, a decent mashup has 3: (1)fans of meme a, (2)fans of meme b, and (3) cleverly or humourously pointing out some similarity in concept between a and b. a reference to an isolated pop-culture meme needs some added twist, like a comment on some aspect of the meme that hasn’t been commonly observed before, or some newish joke on top of the reference, or even some cutesiness added, such as a kawaii version of the characters.

Right. Further, I think this parrot falls into the “uncanny valley”. Just as no one wants realistic humans on their shirt, realistic dead parrots are also undesirable.

unless it’s a silhouette. For some reason you can get away with realism in silhouette form, i think it speaks to something deep within us all.

Neat, its a shame on this one too. But if you’re like me I’ve just started loading up all my defunked designs on Redbubble for others to purchase. Speaking of which, has anyone ordered from there in the past? How is the print and shirt quality?

Hey everyone! Here is a recently reject daily that I would love to get everyone’s 2 cents on. Let me know what you think.

So pumped that there’s interest in these critiques guys! Wish I had checked back in on this sooner, such great feedback from EVERYONE really. It’s so important to get fresh eyes on designs you’ve been just staring at for like 20 plus hours haha. Definitely going to think more about linework and value next time, subject matter and style.

No I have not. I was thinking about it tho. I have over 300 designs. But only a handful are worthy of print, IMHO.
Here’s my page on wootstalker.
They have not kept current for a bit…